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selection of past productions
> The Little Witch Bavarian State Theatre
> Concertstudies dance composition
> Music Theatre schauspielfrankfurt
> Frédéric Chopin, George Sand Collage on letters and piano music
Laura Konjetzky

Laura Konjetzky

Photo I und II: concertstudies,
Anna Konjetzky

Laura Konjetzky

Laura Konjetzky

Laura Konjetzky

Photo III, IV, V: Music theatre at the schauspielfrankfurt “Erzählung des Gleichgewichts 4.W”
Yvonne Kranz


  The Little Witch At The Bavarian State Theatre

The Little Witch (Die kleine Hexe)
Children’s Book Theatre
Otfried Preußler

Bavarian State Theatre (Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel) at the Marstall in Munich, Germany

With Juliane Köhler and Laura Konjetzky, piano

Stage direction: Agnese Cornelio
Music: Laura Konjetzky

Stage: Silke Mederer
Costumes: Nana Kolbinger

Opening Night: January 18, 2009
Seasons: 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011



A dance composition by Anna Konjetzky

With Sahra Huby, Laura Konjetzky and Jose Antonio Roque Toimil / Katrin Schafitel

Stage: Anna Konjetzky
Light: Michael Bischoff

Supported by Bavarian Association for Contemporary Dance (Bayerischer Landesverband für Zeitgenössischen Tanz) with financial support by the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts.
With generous support from the artblau Dance Workshop Braunschweig (artblau-Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig)

This concert performance aims at challenging our understanding of acoustics; or rather, it plays with the correlation as much as with the detachment of visual and aural stimuli. Comprehending music as dance and dance as music.

The evening has two parts:
The first part is the dance piece “Sonata”; the second part is the concert performance “iner-concert.”The pianist plays/dances the piece Après une lecture de dante from Années de Pèlerinage by Franz Liszt.


Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie in Regensburg, Germany
On February 25, 2010

Festivals Antilope08 Temple-Allemand in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
on September, 12 2008

Tanzwerkstatt Europa im i-camp in Munich, Germany
on August, 10 and 11 2008

Kulturhaus abraxas in Augsburg, Germany
on Juni, 4 and 5  2008


Music Theatre At The Schauspielfrankfurt

“Erzählung des Gleichgewichts 4.W”

schauspielfrankfurt / small house in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Music theatre by Wanda Golonka: world premiere
Text: John Daive, translation by Werner Hamacher
Stage direction, space, costumes: Wanda Golonka
Music: Galina Ustwolskaja (1919-2006) and Laura Konjetzky

Performers: Martin Butzke and Laura Konjetzky

Opening Night: May 23, 2007
Seasons: 2006/2007, 2007/2008


Frédéric Chopin And George Sand

Loving or Dying. Preludes and Nocturnes of a Relationship.

A collage by Vera Botterbusch based on letters by George Sand and piano music by Frederic Chopin

Vera Botterbusch, Moderation and Dramatic Reading
Laura Konjetzky, piano

Impromptus, Nocturnes, Preludes, Waltzes and a Polonaise by Frederic Chopin


on February, 26 2010 ScharfrichterHaus in Passau
on January, 29 2010 Piano Mora in Vilshofen
on January, 24 2010 Pasinger Fabrik in Munich
on October, 24 2009 Pasinger Fabrik in Munich
on January, 31 2009 Seidlvilla in Munich
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