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compositions by Laura Konjetzky, selection since 2009

2021 „Mit den Träumen durchgebrannt“ for Solo Violin

„Der wehmütige Traum“ for piano solo

2020 „Memories in a Shimmering Dream“ for Ensemble

2019 Composition for the „Playground“ dance-performance by Anna Konjetzky

„The dark circle on the horizon“ for Electric Violin and playback

2018 „CRASH“ at Theater Bremen, composition for the dance piece by Frederik Rohn

2017 „Love in Sight" for piano solo and speaking pianist

Composition for the choreography project Heinrich tanzt! (Henry dances!) 2017: Power yet

„besotted in love“ for snare drum and bass drum

„The dream before I´ll die“ for violin, violoncello and piano

„Nocturne 4“ for violin solo

„Longing“ for piano solo and playback

2016 „The thoroughly shaken dream“ for soprano, mezzo-soprano, 2 flutes, electric guitar and piano

„Blurry tracks in a gloomy dream“ for violoncello and piano

2014 „Nocturne 5“ for piano solo

2013 „Nocturne 3“ for piano solo

„Fading Varnish“ for piano solo, playback and additional instruments

„The Red Encore“ for solo violin and playback

2012 „Spaces.Structures.Changes“ for piano solo and playback

2011 „Nocturne 2“ for piano solo and speaking pianist

„Nocturne 1“ for piano solo

2010 "shadows in a dream" for piano, violoncello and percussion

Musik for the dance piece „The Sum of Openings“ by the Anna Konjetzky

2009 Music for the Children’s Book Theatre „The Little Witch“ (Die kleine Hexe) by Otfried Preußler at Bavarian State Theatre (Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel)

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