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  Shadows In A Dream /
Schatten Im Traum
for piano, violoncello and percussion
by laura konjetzky

World premiere in the Kleiner Konzertsaal (Small Concert Hall) at Gasteig, Munich, Germany
on October 2, 2010
  For my composition “shadows in a dream” (schatten im traum), I decided on using the original sound of the piano. The percussion kit consists almost entirely of cymbals; the violoncello uses a lot of flageolet. This creates a space whose sound is made audible and constitutes the basic structure of the composition. A space in a state of being „fully composed.“ Impulses will break into this space, will change it, but they won’t initiate any development. Impulses relating to each other and whose origins remain in the dark, in the shadows.
I was interested in the solitary path of the three voices that are united in the same dream.

Laura Konjetzky

Duration: 18’

Schatten im Traum von Laura Konjetzky

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